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We heartily thank you for using medical course online as your medical course partner. All the courses that are offered by medical course online are its sole property. This means in any form malfunction or re-using course content shall not be allowed. By using our service, you abide to follow our rules and terms of use as well as our privacy policy and other policies.

Intellectual property

At https://www.medicalcourseonline.org the Sites constitute intellectual property. Website content and all other form of content such as logo, graphics, names, image, buttons, design, videos , typefaces, and other materials that are present in the website is the property of Medical Course Online and it is also protected by trademark and copyrights protective rights. We concede you an individual, non-elite, non-transferable and revocable ideal to get to and utilize the Sites, which right is adapted on your consistence with the Terms. You may not get to or utilize any substance on the Sites for business, aggressive, or whatever other purposes. You may not adjust, republish, post, transmit or convey any substance on the Sites without the express composed assent of Medical Course Online. All rights not explicitly conceded in the Terms are held to Medical Course Online and its licensors, and may not be abused by you without our earlier composed assent.

Use Of Medical Course Online

By using our services you form a binding contract with medical course online and all applicable laws. You are not allowed to download, copy any form of content present in website. You are allowed to take content on website only. Taking any information and use of such information outside the website is not allowed and you does not have any rights for the same. You agree that you will not use these content to reproduce and malfunction it at any level. By using our service and facilities, does not give you any rights and ownership of any intellectual property or the content you use/refer.

The Sites may incorporate announcement loads up, online journals, visit rooms and different pages that permit you and different clients to post data and materials, give criticism or remarks to medical course online as well as its Sites, and associate progressively with different clients or the Sites. You concur that medical course online and its licensees may repeat, disseminate, distribute, show, alter, change, make subordinate works and gatherings and generally utilize all data, content, messages, photos, recordings, part or show name and different materials posted by you (“Your Content”) for any reason in any shape and on any media. You give medical course online a non-elite, around the world, unending, sovereignty free right and sublicensable permit to recreate and make subordinate works and accumulations of Your Content, in entire or to some degree, and to show, perform, circulate and transmit the same in any frame and on any media, including by means of the components that empower the Sites to be gotten to both on the Internet and through whatever other electronic correspondence media or innovation, now known or later created, and to modify the organization or Your Content as important for the motivations behind generation, show and transmission.

We are under no legal obligation to monitor activities, flow of work, content, images etc. transmitted via or stored on the Sites by you or any other users. Also at the same time we are under no lawful commitment in any condition or situation. By this terms, you are not allowed to file any legal cases against medical course online and its governing bodies for any cases and scenarios. We shall be free from all these legal activities and obligations.

Course of Credit

Any course shall not confer any academic credit. All courses are accredited by B.R accreditation council and no other bodies have rights to accredit course without prior permission of medical course online. The governing bodies and board of directors possess all rights for cancelling any user candidature without prior information. We assure you that your candidature will not be cancelled if you are genuine and all information provided by you are true in all forms.

Liability and Acceptance

With this terms, you agree that use of this site will be at your own risk and depends on your judgment. Medical Course Online has not influence you at any level (written / oral). Everything that you get from website is “As Is” without warrantee and guarantee. Medical course online, its employees, directors, owner , ceo, guests, vendors , suppliers disclaims all warrantee and guarantee of anykind and does not possess any financial liabilities. Medical Course Online and its team are free from all jurisdiction process and laws, neither of the countries in the world you belong to , will not have any rights to imply any jurisdiction process and imply its governing law. This terms shall be treated as agreement between you (receiving party) and medical course online (disclosing party) in which disclosing party possess all rights and at any point of time, receiving party shall not imply any laws on disclosing party.

User responsibility

As a provider of substance to the Sites, including however not restricted to Your Content, recordings, photos, remarks, or articles, you are required to consent to any laws and controls in constrain. You are in this manner in charge of guaranteeing that Your Content:

  • Does not damage the licensed innovation privileges of outsiders (counting video cuts, photos, network shows, energized and unanimated short, medium as well as full length movies, and promotions that you have not by and by made or for which you have not gotten the vital approvals from outsiders who hold the rights to them);
  • Shall not bring about individual damage (counting slander, affronts, mishandle, and so on.) or constitute an intrusion of security is not in opposition to open strategy, tyke assurance and protection laws, or acknowledged good models contains no tyke erotic entertainment, unsafe or illicit acts (counting, however not constrained to, impelling to viciousness, creature mishandle or sedate manhandle) contains no sexually unequivocal substance (counting yet not restricted to intercourse, masturbation, savage or masochistic manhandle, sexually express portrayal of male or female genitalia);
  • No any information is contrary public policy, child protection, privacy laws, or moral standards. Does not contain or constitute spontaneous or unapproved publicizing, limited time materials, “garbage mail,” “spam,” “junk letters,” “fraudulent business models,” or whatever other type of requesting;
  • Does not meddle with or upset the Sites or servers or systems associated with the Sites, or defy any prerequisites, strategies, approaches or controls of systems associated with the Sites; and
  • By transferring or spreading pictures to or through the Sites, you warrant that you are not transferring any encroaching material and explicitly warrant that you have every single important right and additionally approvals from the copyright owner(s).
  • You additionally concur not to post or transmit any unlawful, destructive, debilitating, harsh, irritating, defamatory, disgusting, vulgar, irreverent, derisive, racially, morally or generally frightful substance of any sort, including yet not constrained to, any substance which supports lead that would constitute a criminal offense, abuse the copyrights, trademarks, administrations marks or comparable protected innovation rights or different rights, including attack of security or privileges of attention, of oth

Failure to apply and follow the conditions and terms with these provisions shall result in to report any violation of these provisions to applicable legal authorities and you may be personally liable to criminal sanctions applicable to the content in question (fines and/or imprisonment), in addition to any applicable civil damages. Medical course online reserves all rights to cancel your candidature at any point of time if found guilty.

Service are paid

Our all services including courses are paid. Unless generally expressed, all charges are cited in U.S. Dollars. You are in charge of paying all expenses and appropriate assessments in an auspicious way with an installment system related with the material paid Services. On the off chance that your installment technique fizzles or your record is past due, we may gather charges utilizing other accumulation systems. Any change, refresh, or alteration will be taking effect right now after posting through the important Services. Medical Course Online reserves all rights for the update and modification of fees at any point of time.


We provide courses content that can be found in Wikipedia and its books. We provide all credit to Wikipedia and the owner of the course / books / articles / samples. Although medical course online possess all rights of its certificates and issuing of the same. If any user wants to use Wikipedia then they are allowed to perform the activity. Since we acknowledge the Wikipedia and its child / sister concern organizations for full rights, we do not fall under any legal aspects or don’t conduct any un-law full activity.

Alteration of services

We are continually changing and enhancing our Services. We may include or expel capacities, elements, or necessities, and we may suspend or stop a Service through and through. As and if needed medical course online may end your utilization of any Service for any reason. On the off chance that your utilization of a paid Service is ended. Refund can implemented upon termination based as per the refund policy and if and only if applies to refund eligibility. You can quit utilizing our Services whenever, in spite of the fact that we’ll be sorry to learn you go.


The services and administrations AND ALL INCLUDED Substance ARE Given ON AN “AS IS” Premise without Guarantee of any sort, Regardless of whether express or suggested. The medical course online particularly repudiate All Guarantees AND States OF merchant ability, Wellness for a specific reason, AND non-encroachment, AND any Guarantees Emerging out obviously of managing or use of exchange. The medical course online additionally renounce all risk Identified with your get to OR utilization of the services or any related substance. You Recognize and Concur that any entrance to or utilization of the services or such substance is at your own risk.

Liability Limitations

To the most extreme extent and its Degree Allowed by law, The medical course online might not be obligated for any Backhanded, Accidental, Unique, Weighty, OR Corrective Harms, or any loss of benefits OR Incomes, Regardless of whether Acquired Straightforwardly OR In a roundabout way, or any loss of Information, Utilize, GOODWILL, OR OTHER Immaterial Misfortunes, Coming about because of: (A) Your Entrance TO OR Utilization of or Powerlessness to get to OR Utilize THE Administrations; (B) Any direct or substance of any gathering other than the appropriate guidance of medical course online, including without constraint, any defamatory, Hostile, OR unlawful Lead; OR (C) Unapproved Get to, Utilize, OR Change of your Substance OR Data. In no Occasion might medical course online’s total risk for all cases identified with the administrations Surpass fifty U.S. dollars ($50) OR the aggregate sum of Charges Got by medical course online from you for the utilization of paid administrations Amid the past six months whichever is higher.

You recognize and Concur that the disclaimers and the liability limitations out forward in this terms of utilization mirror a sensible and reasonable allotment of hazard amongst you and the medical course online,and that these restrictions are a Basic Premise TO medical course online to make the serives accessible to you on a financially possible premise.


You consent to reimburse and hold safe for medical course online, its officers, executives, representatives and specialists against any case, activity as well as grievance by any outsider to which we might be uncovered and you concur, in such manner, to acknowledge restrictive obligation for any totals, harms, costs, legal counselors’ expenses and court costs for which we might be held at risk emerging from your accommodation of material to the Locales or your infringement of these Terms.

General Terms

Unapproved sharing of substance by means of Web access through the sharing of client names and passwords or the portable drive is confined by law and may subject the copyright infringer to common activity. Medical course online will seek after copyright infringers. The educational programs, program, and module substance is liable to change as we keep on striving to enhance our program content. An executed application shape where the candidate is acknowledged constitutes an authoritative understanding between the medical course online and the client. These Terms and our Security Approach, found at consolidated in this by reference, constitute the whole understanding amongst medical course online and you as for the Destinations, and supersedes all earlier or contemporaneous interchanges and proposition, regardless of whether electronic, oral, or composed, between the you and medical course online as for the Locales. A printed adaptation of the Terms and of any notice given in electronic shape might be acceptable in legal or authoritative procedures in view of or identifying with the Terms to a similar degree and subject to an indistinguishable conditions from different business reports and record initially created and kept up in printed frame. In the event that, for any reason, a court of able ward finds any arrangement of the Terms or any part thereof, to be unenforceable, that arrangement might be authorized to the greatest degree passable in order to influence the expectation of the Terms, and the rest of these Terms should proceed in full constrain and impact. No waiver by either gathering of any break or default hereunder should be regarded to be a waiver of any former or resulting rupture or default.