Success Stories

Medical Course Online has changed many lives. Check out few success stories of our users whose life got transformed after pursuing our courses.

Tom Samle | Ph.D, M.C.C, B.Pharm

Question: What Let you the interest to join medical course online?

Answer: Growing up in an orthodox family that had many challenges and I overcome them to have a better life in the United States. I use to enjoy my freedom from young age itself; there are ample amount of opportunities present in The United States. When I was a child, I use to listen stories from my grandmother about career in medical science and its streams. I decided that I will follow my grandmother advices.

This ignited the fuel in me to become a successful person in medical science. It developed the interest, and I have decided to fulfill my dream. But we were financially week. I somehow completed my studies and graduation.

Question: What you did after Graduation?

Answer: I completed my graduation in 2016. Unfortunately, it was a period of depression. There were no sufficient jobs in the market. I went to many institutes and organizations to get a job in the cardio department so that I can carry out my practice. Unfortunately, there were not so huge vacancies available. Later I started serving economically poor people. I used to advise them about their illness and educate them about the importance of healthy heart.

I spent 4-5 months serving these peoples and NGO’s for better mankind. During this time, I met with Mr. Arnold, Ph.D. who works in Private Hospital as a Cardiologist. He advised me to do masters, but I was not having sufficient funds for the fee. He told me to take a standardized and accredited course from Medical Course Online which has less fee and provides best courses in the medical science.

Question: What made your medical course online the perfect choice for you?

Answer: As I mentioned, I did not have sufficient funds to pursue masters, and Mr. Arnold suggested me to take certified courses. I checked your website and went through with each detail. I must say you help so quick. I was having some difficulties in payment part, and I contacted your support team. Within few minutes of my request, I got a response from your team member Sam, he guided me well and shared necessary details for the payment part, and I found my credit card was not working. My bad

The very next day, I completed the enrollment and started my course. It was overwhelming situation for me because the course material was awesome. It was interactive and suggestive. It helped me to gain knowledge in the field. It has quizzes that keep you active throughout the module. I completed my exam in the second attempt.

It’s a achievement for me and I can put this certificate in my C.V which will sure help me to settle down well.

Question: What advice do you have for applicants considering Medical Course Online as their professional partner?

Answer: It’s a wonderful platform that offers such a nice opportunity to grow. You should grab this without a second thought. One should go for the courses.

Carl Rooney | M.C.C

Question: As a child what you want to be when you grow up?

Answer: I always knew that I want to be a doctor and would go in medical affairs. I was always in a thought process how would anything work, this includes human body.

Question: What experiences did you have that confirmed medicine was the right career for you?

Answer: Due to some personal limitations, I was not able to take the traditional way into the medical field. Growing up in a family with low socioeconomic prosperity, finding a job to support myself was difficult, but at the same time it was a necessity and didn’t allow for me to pursue education beyond community college.

It wasn’t until numerous years after the fact that I would rediscover my enthusiasm for medicines. At 34 years old, I chose to come back to school to pursue bachelor’s degree in medicines. While finishing my degree, I needed to take a starting cardio science course as my second to last class. Learning about some of the incredibly basic functions of the heart helped me to remember my adolescence aspirations to wind up plainly a specialist. I chose after I completed this degree, I would begin to make a transition to the medical field.

After my choice to pursue medicines, I began volunteering at a doctor’s facility in the Cleveland region. Initially, I worked in a pediatric ward for immune compromised children, providing activities for them during their oftentimes long-term stay. In addition, I performed many hours of shadowing/volunteering in the emergency, cardiology, and neurology departments at this and other hospitals Each presentation I had in solution additionally set my decision to seek after a medical career.

Question: Who or what inspired you?

Answer: There was a professor during my introductory biology course was an interventional neurologist. He was like a river with full of knowledge. He was having a burning desire to serve the society and needy peoples which were inspiring to me. After talking with him about the career in medical field, I was sure that this is the right choice of mine and I can do good in this area. I was certain that becoming a cardio doctor would be career change I won’t regret.

Question: How did you came to know about Medical Course Online Organization?

Answer: My friend had already pursed M.C.C degree certificate course. He was working as a cardio physician in a public hospital. We met at a function where we talked about the same subject, and he shared your website. I checked it out later, and soon I had a feeling that this would be a excellent choice to work and move ahead in the medical field. Since I had limited money to spend on my future education, I was only having two choices of either pursue M.C.C degree course or pursue higher education. After giving a thought and friends recommendation, I opted M.C.C degree course. The course fee was very less compared to higher education which was at the same time affordable. I was curious since it was something new and very fascinating. I found course material very interactive and up to the date. It’s a huge subject with accurate details. The amount of time that I needed to give was also moderate and can be achieved goal. This way, I can do my other stuffs and part time job without any difficulty. As most of my friends can dedicate their time to colleges, I must constantly juggle many demands. Additionally, the lack of African American males in medicine leaves me feeling isolated from many of my peers. Medical course online organization is a nice platform for people like us.

Question: What did you enjoy most about medical course online?

Answer: I like that I get to learn and acquire something new every day. Also, course material is very informative and helpful. It makes the day much more enjoyable when the people you are around are invested in your success.

Question: If you had the opportunity to talk to a potential medical student, what would you tell him/her?

Answer: I would say them that Believe in yourself. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome your dreams Don’t ever give up on your dreams. It’s never too late to do something you are passionate about! I would give reference of yours to them and will urge them to undertake courses that you offer rather than paying huge fees in colleges.

Brian Williamson | M.C.C , M.D

Question: As a child what you want to be when you grow up?

Answer: I wanted to play soccer for the Miami Dolphins.

Question: What made you decide to apply to medical course online?

Answer: I didn’t have a sudden epiphany to pick a career in medicine. My choice to apply to medical course online developed through the span of a year or two. I was motivated by the lives and stories of the numerous medicinal experts. However, I as of now had a wonderful vocation in the Air Force with incredible open doors for future development. In the end, the calling to seek after a profession in cardiology was something that I could not overlook anymore. I simply quit battling it and made the jump.

Question: Did you have any fears going into medical school?

Answer: I had no fear about medical course online itself. In any case, I had some worry about leaving my pleasant life and profession as an Air Force officer. My life as an Air Force was an officer was exceptionally satisfying. I was doing fascinating and challenging work, was very much adjusted, and had fantastic open doors for headway. I additionally had an astounding gathering of companions and collaborators. I however surrendered this to focus on over a time of school and preparing to seek after a disconnected profession. I knew it was the correct move, however I was as yet worried about the sensational change in my expert and individual life.

Question: What makes your story unique?

Answer: I was a non-conventional medical student. I put in six years in the Air Force as an aeronautical designer before transitioning to cardiology. When I began medical course degree, I had worked in another profession and was more seasoned than generally most students. This gave me an alternate point of view and level inspiration about the journey I was taking.

Question: What helps you manage your stress and stay motivated?

Answer: These two points of view helped me manage the anxiety: The principal originated from Thomas Aquinas, “If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.” If the most astounding point of God was my comfort, he would abandon me in port. The objective is not my comfort; rather God is cruising me out over a sea of medical course online degree programs. The second is from Chesterton: “Inconveniences are adventures wrongly considered.” I often laugh to myself thinking, “Medical Course Online is quite the adventure.”

Question: What did you enjoy most about medical course online?

Answer: At the point when people ask me, how was your experience in Medical Course Online, I reply, “I adored it. I’m thankful to God that I am ready to do the things I am doing because that I didn’t know whether would have been ready to do them.” I praise God for the strength of this which won’t have been, and I have a perfect it. Staff at Medical Course are awesome. They are always available to respond your query and assist you. It helped me to keep the study of course very light and moved me ahead.

Question: What obstacles did you overcome in your medical school journey?

Answer: I realized that medicinal course online would be a new place to work. The Course was online only there was no way to learn it offline. I was not having internet connectivity always which acted as an obstacle for me. But I was sure to pursue the degree course as it was my career. I managed internet connectivity and continued learning. I held close to the image of Christ as a Wounded Healer and often prayed with tears, “Lord, I hate these wounds, but I’ve got them. Please use them for some good effect as you did the wounds of Christ. Amen”

Sue Norah | M.C.C, Ph.D, M.Pharm

Question: What makes your story unique?

Answer: I wanted to be a doctor since I was a kid. My parents knew my choice and helped me to achieve my dreams. I still remember today that, once after I return from school and my mother took me with her on a mall. I asked her to buy me a stethoscope so I can listen to her heart and lungs. I was very curious to know the working and use of the stethoscope. Since then I didn’t look back and my parents allowed me to pursue my dreams.

Question: What made your medical course online the right fit for you?

Answer: I love medical course as its focus on applicant’s person rather than just a collection of students. I pursued Medical Course of Cardiology [M.C.C] from medical course online knowing that I wanted to be a Cardiologist. The best part is studying anywhere, anytime without any restrictions or any deadlines. This makes Medical course online a unique and the most important are their help. I get a response within 24 hours from my query. This is quick turnaround time as a customer and trust me no one in the industry is as fast as these people are.

Question: What did you enjoy most about medical school?

Answer: I enjoyed a lot studying here. The course material and short module quizzes are excellent. You get your score immediately after you give the exam, I mean this is just WOW feeling. I don’t need to wait even for a day and I can get my score. Along with that, I can check my answers submitted to question. This is a very agile mode of study where you get accurate outcome at a very short time. My peers kept me motivated throughout medical course online. I can keep my routine activity as it is which was staying fit, reading, baking, and watching TV shows are the best ways for me to manage my stress, and I was able to continue while pursuing course here.

Question: What experiences did you have that confirmed medicine was the right career for you?

Answer: When I was young, my dad turned out to be sick and after that was out of commission for a considerable length of time. He was the essential provider, and I considered him to be our protector. Watching him immobilized and shouting in agony huge affected my reality view. A long time later we would discover that my dad had experienced diabetic myopathy and heart problems. Discovering that both his ailment and our family’s anguish could have been prevented, by education and relatively inexpensive medication was heartbreaking. But at the same time, it made me understand the capability of the medical field. I was now firmed on my decision to go in the medical field and I am thankful to medical course online for helping me in fulfilling my career dream and achieving success. I recommend everyone who aspires to work in the medical field that give a shot to medical course online as it provides world’s best courses and that too with very less fee.