Privacy Policy

General Guidelines

At we understand the importance of our website visitors and their details. Our policy describes the information is collected and recorded for internal purpose of We never disclose any information to public use. All records are stored in private place. You may visit this website without recognizing yourself or uncovering any individual data.

As you peruse our website, the website gathers the IP address of your computer system / laptop and various other information. This information is collected with use information from all website guests.

A few bits of this website may oblige you to provide us identifiable data, for example, your name, email address, phone, organization, physical address and Personal Information., (i) to apply for our board accreditation programs/courses (ii) to acquire access to certain online substance, content and features and (iii) to subscribe to our distributions and updates. On the off chance that you speak with us by email, present messages on any of our visit bunches, notice sheets or discussions, or generally total online structures, overviews or challenge sections, any data gave in such interchanges might be gathered as Personal Information.

Log and Record Files

We keep log of the users who visits our website and keep record of them. This is a standard and base process for hosting providers and a part of the analytics. These file includes information such as IP address, Type of the browser, Date, Time, Internet Provider, clicks and country. We shall use these information to identify the trend , check users site usage, and collect demographic information.

To whom It Applies

Our policy is applied to website users only. This policy also implies to website visitors and activities performed by them. We do not give any permission to store records and other information offline and outside the website.

Medical Course Online does not share any of your personal information to anyone. However we do share information with our board of directors and governing councils. We possess rights to keep personal , financial information with us, and keep appropriate details to comply with the governing law, to enforce our Terms of Service, or to protect the rights, intellectual and personal property and safety of this website.

Children’s Information and Site Usage

We trust it is imperative to provide protection to children on the web. We urge parents / care takers / guardians and watchmen to check the activities performed by their children online and guide them of the proper use. MedicalCourseonline does not intentionally gather any personal or financial information from the children less than 13 years old. On the off chance that a parent or finds that MedicalCourseonline has any information in its database that a children who are less than 13 years old should not pursue then please reach us instantly and we will utilize our earnest attempts to expeditiously expel such data from our records. Our website has online registration and payment system, we strictly prohibit the use of online registration and our website usage to adults who are engaged in the same business that we serve. We at any situation does not provide any mode of access to peoples belonging to same business area.


Our website uses cookies which is a string of data sent by the site to its visitors and is stored in a form of file that has been stored in browser and / or computer system of the user. Medical Course Online uses temporary session based files and cookies to make sure that visitors does not have any trouble in visiting this website. Medical Course Online also possess all rights to store permanent and persistent cookies based on the requirements. For this we do not seek any prior permission from the visitors. We may or may not control the data of cookies stored and created. Medical Course Online also creates advertisement and can show them in website which stores cookies, some advertisement can take you to external links which we do not control and are not responsible or accountable for the information gathered by any of those external websites.


Medical Course Online uses Wikipedia as a source of information. The courses that are designed contains information , details that can be also present in Wikipedia and its group sites. We acknowledge all course content and information to Wikipedia and believes that these are taken from their and can also be used over there. We also acknowledge them as the creator of the information and they have rights of these information. We also believes and grants permission to all visitors to take these information from Wikipedia is they want to and for that they do not require any permission from us.

Consent and Grant

By using Medical Course Online website, you agrees to our terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy. Moreover you also agrees to it and hereby grant us permission to protect our property, idea, intellectual assets and ideology.

Third Party Consent and Policy

Our website contains several banners, advertisement back links to other websites which may take you to third party sites. However we do not control third party services as well as their privacy policy. You should consult their privacy policy statements and contact them directly without our prior permission. Medical Course Online privacy policy does not apply to any third party websites and does not controls them too. You may wish to disable cookies from your browser. However turning your browser cookies may cause website performance and we do not control such failure.

Emails and Promotional Activities

Medical Course Online runs promotional activities for which you may receive emails and alerts. Visitors and website users does have choice to opt them out for such activities by marking uncheck in registration page. Any visitors can request Medical Course Online not to send them promotional emails and advertising emails. You can send us email directly for such concerns.


Medical Course Online uses high standard and ultra secured security layer that stores all your personal and financial information in a secured place. Our website uses SSL security certificate that grants security and it is encryption technology that prevents website data. The data you submit to our website such as login password, Credit card information, Debit card information, other payment information are securely processed and transmitted securely over internet.

Acceptance to Our Terms and Privacy Policy

From the moment any person uses our website , services, products, offers, and any other activity that is performed in website, they themselves signify their own acceptance of our terms and privacy policy. Medical Course Online is not liable to take any prior permission from the visitor and users or inform them about any activity of the website. If users / visitors does not agree to our terms of condition and privacy policy, then they should stop using our website and exit from the website. We reserve all rights to cancel / renew / approve / disapprove user roles and candidature. By accepting our privacy policy it automatically implies that you cannot file any false statement, legal cases, jurisdiction processes to medical course online. User/Visitor Grants freedom and makes Medical Course Online free from any legal / jurisdiction process of their respective countries and its laws. If for any reason visitors/users files legal case to Medical Course Online, then it will be no viable and cannot be performed. Any such cases shall be terminated immediately and canceled by itself from the moment its created. Medical Course Online is not bound and abide to any governing body, legal body of any country. Neither users have rights to files legal cases nor they have rights to grant permission to any other person to carry forward the same.

Change Notification

Medical Course Online possess all rights to change any information , details, images, facts and figures at any point of time without taking permission from the visitors / users and without informing them in advance. We possess rights to add / update / delete / grant / decline any information and privacy policy on the website. The validity of such things will be in effect from immediately upon posting in the website.